ScribbleCon 2018

scribblecon 2018 todmorden comic conMark your diaries! Scribblecon is returning to Todmorden for its 3rd year, and will take place at the Golden Lion (both floors!) on Saturday June 2nd 2018, from 10am to 4pm.

This event is free to the public, and is family-friendly. There will also be a tombola and a second hand table (both comics/sci-fi related). Food and drink is available throughout the day.

Our chosen charity this year is Pennine Animal Welfare Society (P.A.W.S).

Want to exhibit? Table applications are now closed, but feel free to apply to be on the waiting list, in case there any cancellations.

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Meet the artists!

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 Autism Bricks / Aut Bubble

A Community Interest Company extoling the artistic and Lego skills of individuals with autism.


Our umbrella organisation (not corporation) Specialist Autism Services have provided a springboard for individuals to realise their potential when it comes to design, art and sheer inventiveness. As well as our popular Manga themed comics, we’ve also expanded into the amazing world of Lego and its therapeutic uses for increasing group interaction and inclusion. Having appeared at last year’s Scribblecon, which was a hoot, with excellent catering, we’re back for more, with more ideas and pizzazz.

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 EJ Barnes


Digital Marketer during the day, digital artist at night. Emma has been drawing fanart since the 90s and still likes showing people on the Internet the art she’s created. Emma has a degree in maths and is currently working on a comic about her experiences with mental health. Emma’s favourite thing to draw is characters from video games making stupid faces.

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 James Brady

Teeside Comics Society
Hebden Bridge

I am a member of the Teeside Comics Society and as a collective we are looking to start expanding our reach across the UK. We have work aimed at all ages and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We’re hoping to provide young and diverse creators with the ability to show case their best comics, zines and handmade merchandise.

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 Ben Brown


I am a writer, illustrator and animator based in Leeds who’s self published a number of comics with more on the way! I have a passion for storytelling and hope to make books that have an emotional impact on people, be that as simple as a smile and an appreciation of how cute Bigfoot can be, or maybe something a little more bittersweet…

website | twitter

 Chris Browning / The Common Swings


Chris Browning has been a librarian, lecturer, not very good double glazing salesman and freelance-free-gifts-from-packets-of-crisps duster. Mostly he has been a hairy bloke with two cats and too many ideas, many of which he has poured into issues of the Common Swings.

The Common Swings has, over the last six years, considered cats, jazz, PE teachers, balls, rude birds, villains and much, much more. He draws pictures and writes words, and sometimes both at once.

He has two cats, Cluedo and Spooky, who tries to stop his artistic endeavours as often as possible by sitting in the middle of them and a wife who supports him as long as he lets her watch “Judge Judy” in peace.

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We are really excited to welcome budding comic artist Charliesketches23 at this year’s Scribblecon! Charlie will be sharing a table with Dave Newman.


 Bunny Brush / Zara Hussein


My name is Zara, also known as BunnyBrush, and I am an illustrator/professional scribbler. I’ve spent many previous years working as freelancer and as the illustrator for a long running series of Children’s books. But having accomplished in that field for the time being I’m taking a little break to focus on creating for myself! I love drawing all things cute and do a lot of pin-up inspired artworks, but don’t be surprised to see me dip into the macabre with some of my art too!

website | twitter | facebook

 Tom Burleigh

Hebden Bridge

Tom Burleigh is a writer of comics, short stories and story poems. His works includes The Troubles of Magnet Boy and Other Gloomy Tales, Reluctance, The Window, The Graverobber and Nancy.

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 Cat Byrne


Cat Byrne is a freelance artist and designer based in Todmorden. She is the creator of the comic Mizzle (about a mutant cat with an overactive imagination but not the best of luck) and Conversations With Myselves (a book promoting mental health and self-acceptance). She has recently been published in Splank with her new comic The Life of Ethel Death, about a young eccentric grim reaper in training.

website | twitter | facebook | instagram

 The Card Abides / Natassia Bentley

Hebden Bridge

Launched in 2017 The Card Abides sells geeky greeting cards and merchandise inspired by comics, games, film and TV.

Graphic Designer and photographer Tash Bentley, the owner of The Card Abides, creates the designs alongside her freelance work under Natassia Bentley Media and writing for a future Kickstarter comic. Over the last year, her other half Sergio Raos has become more involved with the business and will be representing The Card Abides at Scribblecon. When not serving delicious food at Marco’s Cafe, Sergio can be found developing his skills at 3D modelling for games and SFX for film.

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 Ian Denno


Ian released Larsen Around: Niche, his first collection of satirical comic strips and pop culture send-ups, under his maiden name in 2015. Flitting between affectionately cheeky ribbing and witheringly profane mockery, the collection ruminates on cultural tribalism, self-aware music legends, the disappointments of time-travelling adventurers, and even offers a space alien’s perspective on recreational hiking.

Ian’s latest release revives one of Larsen Around’s characters for a one-shot time-travel comedy about pop culture nostalgia, Skip Chippington: Forward Thinker, set in Manchester and London.

His next project will be to chronicle the journey he and his wife, Hannah, made from London to Ankara on foot. Ian and Hannah live in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, and have no dogs but love meeting them in the street.

website | instagram

 Drawing Manga with Romepiti & Elias

Romepiti and Elias will run the drawing stall, showing the little ones how to draw Manga! All equipment provided, including an original Chinese ink set.

 Grow Between / Katherine-Alex Walker

Ink drawings, cards, zines
Narrowboat, Eastwood

I am an artist and writer. Creativity keeps me sane and helps me channel lots of weird experiences and find a voice in a challenging world. I am interested in marginal experiences and unusual experiences. I work a lot with black ink, dots, and messy animal drawings and make zines with poetry and illustrations. I seek to work creatively in community and enjoy making short videos too. I want to share my art through sale, or exchange and I hope that my creativity offers connection and inspiration. I am particularly inspired by aboriginal art, graphic novels, tattoo, outsider art and rock paintings. I live on a narrowboat and feel like a fish out of water – literally lots of twitching and flapping about. The medical profession have interpreted this slightly differently and diagnosed me with aspergers syndrome!

website | facebook

 Vanessa Guy / Pixiebiscuit


Fantasy Art plus Comics plus Creepy Cute Dolls plus Goth plus some sort of Art = Pixiebiscuit Illustration and Photography.My art is an expression of my narcoleptic dreams and nightmares. Feel free to ask me about this as I am trying to raise awareness of my inspiration. I arrange solo shows and exhibit throughout the year. This year I have done a bunch of special movie and pop star portraits for a change.I am also author and illustrator of Harry and the Flood. And will do another Harry book sometime .I am also a minimal zine maker and part time witch so I hope to have one new witch zine at least. Just another arty cat lady really.

website | etsy | twitter | facebook | instagram

 Ben Haith / Robotendo


Ben is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator based in Guiseley, Leeds. He has three issues of his self-published comic Stormhaven Techs under his belt, and is currently building up an all-ages webcomic called Zoolog, with writer Jon Lock. He also creates prints of his digital artwork and is open for commissions.
He hates writing about himself in the third person.


 Liam ‘Pais’ Hill

Highgreen Dawn, Slug Café

Pais is a comic artist who writes about bands, slugs and space potatoes and likes referring to himself in the third person.

website | twitter | facebook | instagram

 Sammy Holden / Obscure Film

A Scribblecon regular, Sammy will be bringing the usual mix of original work and pop culture-inspired arts and crafts.

tumblr | instagram

 Adam Ianbarry


A dynamic duo of Father and Daughter… a Time Travel Webcomic lost in time… Can synchronicity align our Kickstarter dreams with this table in this Pub on June 2nd 2018!? We’ll get sketching to Make it so!!!

website | twitter

 Kim Lilly / Kim Draws Stuff


Artist, illustrator and maker with a soft spot for tiny things, toys and collectibles.

instagram | facebook

 James Lawrence


I am a self taught artist from Halifax, inspired by comic books and movies. I mostly use ink, markers & coloured pencils, but have recently started dabbling with acrylic paint. I will have prints and fridge magnets of some of my work for sale at Scribblecon.


 Colin Lyall


Lives and works in Todmorden. Studied Fine Art at Newport College of Art. Residency at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Summer 2017 ‘Altered States’ solo show at Water Street Gallery in Todmorden.


 Dave Newman

Hebden Bridge

Dave is a jack of some trades who has dabbled in writing, illustration, animation and game development. He is currently focusing on the illustration side, using both digital and traditional techniques. He can sometimes be seen outdoors where he will resent his body’s reliance on fresh air and physical activity.
During 2018, Dave’s main project will involve creating the artwork for a comic series heading to Kickstarter. He is also currently building a portfolio of 3D assets for games, as whenever he isn’t playing them he’s making them!

shop | twitter

 Johanna Öst


I’m an artist and illustrator making everything from paintings and drawings to comics, dolls, resin figures and wearable accessories. Some of
my main inspirations are folklore, mythology, fairytales and horror. I love the exciting, mysterious, glamorous and over the top.

website | etsy | twitter | facebook

 Joanna Hope Bricher / Penny Blood Press


Letterpress and linocuts (printed on a 1950s Adana 8×5 printing press); hand stitched pamphlets in muted colours; tiny photocopied zines; misfortunes and other assorted ephemera.


 Jem Perks


I’m an illustrator specialising in comics. I’ve begun 2 series so far; Keter, a post-apocalyptic survival story and Witch House, a weird tale of modern magick. I’ll be starting a 3rd comic especially for Scribblecon 2018! In addition to my comics, I’ll be selling a wide variety of illustrated posters from cute manga to grimy horror.

website | facebook

 Atlanta Pritchard-Barrett


A freelance illustrator based in Edinburgh with a great love for fantasy and animals and well as all things colourful and fun.




SamsToons is an artist focusing on a range of topics and themes. Some of it is conventional, with superheroes figuring highly. At the same time, a lot is more unconventional, with art as diverse as Murder, She Wrote and Bruce Forsyth. SamsToons’ big passion project, just underway, is a continuing series of Socially Relevant Pin-Up, 50s-style pin-up with an eye to diversity. SamsToons will be offering a selection of products including prints, badges and on-the-day commissions.

website | deviantart | twitter | facebook

 Becky Thornton


Always working on dozens of projects in different mediums. Currently developing a web-comic set in a magical world of witches, curses, ghosts and selkies. Can often be found singing, daydreaming, crafting, or somehow doing all three at once.

shop | tumblr

 Tom Ward


Tom Ward is a writer from Liverpool. He has been self publishing comics since 2014 with five successful Kickstarter campaigns under his belt. Tom is best known for his Victorian pulp adventure series “Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman”, with artist Luke Parker, but has also been published in Comichaus, The Grime, British Showcase Anthology and has a story in Rum Row later this year.

You can download the first issue of Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman for free at

website | twitter (Tom Ward) | twitter (Merrick) | facebook

 The Wildlands

Callum and Stuart Brown

The Wildlands is an anthropomorphic fantasy world in which Cowboys, Pirates, Vikings and Samurai co-exist as predator and prey fighting for survival. Follow our unlikely heroes as they battle against the growing empire of the North and their ‘food chain ruling’. See how this vast range of characters live in these Wildlands.

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Raising money for local animals

This year our chosen charity is Pennine Animal Welfare Society (P.A.W.S), a local animal rescue here in Todmorden. They are in the process of moving to new, bigger premises so every little is going help.

We are raising funds with a tombola on the day (comics & sci-fi themed of course, and consolation sweeties for unlucky draws). We will also have donation buckets.

Second-hand table

This was very popular stall last year, and all exhbiting artists have once again been invited to put up for sale any comics & sci-fi-related second hand things that are otherwise gathering dust. Get there early to find some treasures and bargains!

Shops you should visit!

Border Bookshop
61A, Halifax Road, Todmorden, Lancashire, OL14 5BB
Tel 01706 814721

Lyall’s Book Shop
15 Rochdale Road, Todmorden, OL14 5AA
Tel 07971 806624

2-Tone Comics
40 Market Street, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire HX7 6AA
Tel 01422 845666

Legacy Comics
12 Union Street, HX1 1PR Halifax, West Yorkshire
Tel 01422 363586

Scribblers comic group

Aside from our yearly comic con, we also run a monthly group for anyone who is into comics – be it drawing them, writing them, or reading them.

This is a family-friendly group in the heart of Todmorden, that’s free to attend and open to enthusiasts of all styles of comics and comic art.

Upcoming dates and times are posted on our Twitter and Facebook.