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Rachael Smith

rachael-smithThe Rabbit, Artificial Flowers, House Party, Doctor Who, Bess, Flimsy the Kitten
Hebden Bridge

Rachael Smith’s second graphic novel ‘The Rabbit’, came out last summer to critical acclaim and a nomination for Best Book at the British Comic Awards 2015. Smith is currently working on her webcomic ‘Bess‘and promoting her third graphic novel ‘Artificial Flowers’, which explores the life of a young woman trying to make it as a fine artist in London, whilst also keeping tabs on her pyromaniac little brother. She has also worked on Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor comic series. >

  Adam Cadwell

adam-cadwellBlood Blokes / Vertigo Quarterly SFX / The Everyday
Manchester / West Yorkshire

Hi, I’m Adam Cadwell, a Cartoonist, Illustrator and Storyboard Artist from Manchester now based in West Yorkshire, UK. I’m the creator of Blood Blokes and The Everyday and the founder of the British Comic Awards. >

  Liam ‘Pais’ Hill

liam-hillHighgreen Dawn / Slug cafe
Sheffield aka The City of Shining Steel

Comics and zines from the surreal to the pun-derful, about monsters and rocks and slugs. >

  2 Tone Comics

2toneHedben Bridge

New American Comic books graphic novels, statues, posters T,shirts original art. We also hold over a hundred thousand back issues. Subscription service available. Cgc authorised. >

 Chris Browning

chris-browningThe Common Swings

Chris Browning has been a librarian, lecturer, not very good double glazing salesman and freelance-free-gifts-from-packets-of-crisps duster. Mostly he has been a hairy bloke with a cat and too many ideas, many of which he has poured into about twelve issues of the Common Swings.

The Common Swings has, over the last six years, considered cats, jazz, PE teachers, balls and much, much more. He draws pictures and writes words, and sometimes both at once. He also has a cat, Cluedo, who tries to stop his artistic endeavours as often as possible by sitting in the middle of them and a wife who supports him as long as he lets her watch “Judge Judy” in peace.

 Cat Byrne

cat-byrneMizzle / Out of Hours Comics

Cat is the creator of Mizzle, a webcomic following the non-adventures of the runt of a litter of superhero cats (suitable for all ages).

In complete contrast to this, Cat is also the co-founder and lead artist of Out of Hours Comics… a dark & twisted webcomic for a mature audience (launched in 2016 with writer Mert Yeygün).

Cat is also collaborating with local author Tom Burleigh (on one-shot comic Reluctance as well as The Window), as well as her 7 year old son (on the mini comics Darth Awesome).

When she’s not making comics, she freelances as an artist and designer. And makes ninja turtle fan art.
Cat’s website >
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 Tom Burleigh

Tom-burleighThe Troubles of Magnet-Boy and Other Gloomy Tales
Hebden Bridge

Tom Burleigh is a UK based writer of comics, short stories and story poems. This will be his first Comic-Con adventure.

Facebook page >
The Troubles of Magnet-Boy and Other Gloomy Tales >

 Sam Parfitt


Geeky and subversive stitchery, art and design, feminist issues. Published in Knit Now magazine.
Bringing a modern, and often subversive, twist to traditional craft, Sam has been working as a designer for the past 5 years. A background in gender and cultural studies offers her the ability to talk candidly about social issues, and use them as a basis for artwork that defies the norm and starts conversations; recent works include pieces around body positivity, empowering women, and vulgarities. Sam also enjoys gaming and comic books, and draws on this for more family friendly stitches and designs.

Sam Parfitt on Instagram >

 Vanessa Guy


Visionary fantasy art, illustration and kawaii designer.
I draw from the heart to engage your mind. I draw from other worlds for this world. I work in mixed media from ink, digital and customised dolls e.g. Blythe, Monster High.
tumblr >
Instagram >

 Rachael Elwell

Rachael-Elwell-1Lines Form Spaces

Lines Form Spaces is the design and illustrative drawing work of UK artist Rachael Elwell.
Semi abstract landscape linoprints,risograph reproductions of my drawings, and typographic prints and illustrations. > >
Instagram >
Twitter >

 Florence Okoye


Mostly illustrative with (hopefully) a few comic books thrown in.
I am a more or less self-taught illustrator and comic creator, interested in steampunk, afrofuturism and other geeky stuff. If you’re interested in alternative history, pigeons and the secret life of molluscs, then come over for a chat! Most of my work will be original prints with a few comics and mini-zines thrown in for good measure.

Florence Okoye on tumblr >

  Reuben Baron & Sonny Hay

Todmorden, Stoke-On-Trent

We are final year students of Cartoon and Comic Arts producing our own original comics for children and adults.

We are both currently working on individual projects: Reuben’s comic, Nevuah, tells the story of a young woman competing in an international card game tournament.

Sonny’s comic, One For All, is a space opera set in the very, very, very, very distant future.

‘Revolting’ on Melanchomic >
tumblr >

‘Busted Teeth’ on Melanchomic >
Deviantart >

 Sammy Holden

obscure-filmObscure Films

Various digital media and traditional art.
Obscure Film covers a lot of things, but mostly pop culture! If you’re looking for prints, tote bags, badges or more, and you haven’t been able to find anything for your favourite movie or show, stop by and you may be pleasantly surprised!

Obscure Films >
Instagram >

 Jem Perks

jem-perksKeter / Witch House

I’m an illustrator specialising in comics.
I’ve begun 2 series so far; Keter, a post-apocalyptic survival story and Witch House, a weird tale of modern magick.
In addition to my comics, I’ll be selling a wide variety of illustrated posters from cute manga to grimy horror.
I’ve also adopted the running of Cosplay Sketch-Off in Manchester, a (roughly) bi-monthly night of dressing up and drawing!

Jem Perks on Deviantart >

  Joanna Hope Bricher

pennybloodpressPenny Blood Press
Stretford / Old Trafford

Letterpress and linocuts (printed on a 1950s Adana 8×5 printing press); hand stitched pamphlets in muted colours; tiny photocopied zines; misfortunes and other assorted ephemera.

Penny Blood Press >

  Callum & Stuart Brown

Wildlands-LogoThe Wildlands
Leeds / Mytholmroyd

The Wildlands is an anthropomorphic fantasy world in which Cowboys, Pirates, Vikings and Samurai co-exist as predator and prey fighting for survival.
Follow our unlikely heroes as they battle against the growing empire of the North and their food chain ruling. See how this vast range of characters live in these Wildlands.

The Wildlands >
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  Richard Cubesville

Cubesville is best described as a mid-air collision between anarchy and absurdity with the burning debris raining on a DIY/punk landscape below. The latest issue is an antidote to the Northern Powerhouse, on which we have been on a road trip to interview innovative bands and inspirational people who connect and create an alternative culture DESPITE the efforts of government and business. Also available is the smash hit, The Vegan’s Guide to People Arguing with Vegans – a cynical, sarcastic response to all those people with the audacity to ask, “What do you eat then?”

one way ticket to cubesville >
The Vegan’s Guide to People Arguing with Vegans >

  Stephen James

stephen-jamesManchester, roughly speaking

Collage, poetry, zines.
Stephen sticks words onto pictures, and sometimes vice versa. He puts words next to each other, presses Enter, and repeats step 1.
He makes tiny mice out of salt dough or something and gives them away for free(!) He sells colourful “poems”.
There are pictures everywhere.

Stephen James on tumblr >

  Signature Cakes & Confectionery


I bake and cook non traditional style brownies, cakes fudge and rocky road.
(ed. Glad to have you Laura! Always a favourite at comic cons.)

  Terence Park


Science Fiction, Fantasy, Short Fiction, Other Genres.
Terence was born in Skipton, Yorkshire and has lived in Burnley, Lancashire for most of his life. He began writing in 2009 and has a long suffering family to prove it. This includes four children, two dogs and two cats. His favourite authors include Robert Heinlein, Philip K Dick, Roger Zelazny and Doris Lessing.

Amazon >
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Goodreads >
The Tau Device >
A Guide to First Contact >
Burnley >

 Dave Boydell


A squewed combination of sci-fi, child whimsy and pin up rolled into a ball of creation that spews out works that wishes to both please and intrigue.

Starting out as a 2D traditional animator, Dave work from game studio to game studio working his skills until he found the world of character design, modelling and animation. Ever since then Dave has strived to be better than he was last week, and broaden his view on creation. Now Lecturing at a University, Designing Chracaters for Games and TV Animations, Dave also designs and sculpts Collectable toys that are 3D Printed and Cast and Have been sold around the globe.

Dave Boydell >

 Joe Matthews

Joe-Matthews-1Funny Monsters Comic
Was Rochdale now North Wales

Worked for the Beano, Tom & Jerry Comic, Bob the Builder story board artist. Self publishes Funny Monster Comics.
Worked on such classic characters as Ivy the Terrible and Ball Boy for the Beano, I then went on to create Thud n Bud the Brainless Bouncers and The Sunday Gang, this was a weekly strip featured in the Newcastle based Sunday Newspaper the Sunday Sun. I then worked on Tom & Jerry Comic for Warner brothers and also illustrated Baby Loony Tunes Magazine. My work has also featured in Lucky Bag Comic. Other work has included doing story boards for the BBC TV series Bob the Builder. More recently I’ve published 3 issues of the children comic Funny Monsters Comic. I’m currently working on a graphic novel of A Christmas Carol which should be available from September 2016. I work from home which is now located in North Wales.

Funny Monsters Comic >

 Anna Taylor


Self published artist zines and print projects, including And Other Night Singers, produced to coincide with Pushing Up Daisies festival of death and dying.
Backburner is a writing and photography project by Anna Taylor. Shared spaces in slowed time, it prompts cross – disciplinary conversations through print, collaborations and social gatherings happening at intervals in nearby places.

Back Burner >

 Johanna Öst


Horror comics, original art, pins.
I’m an artist and illustrator making everything from paintings and drawings to comics, dolls, resin figures and wearable accessories.

Some of my main inspirations are folklore, mythology, fairytales, horror, science fiction, pulp illustrations and 1980s cartoons and toys.

I love the exciting, mysterious, glamorous and over the top.

Website >

 Word of Mouth

word-of-mouthJinny Riley
Hebden Bridge

I own the only art and craft supplies shop in the area, and run sewing & pattern cutting workshops.
I will be selling a range of sketchpads, pens & drawing materials. I will also be running an hour-long workshop as a Cosplay Costume Consultant, where I’ll be offering advice on costume queries and also consult on sewing costumes for people with ideas and no sewing skills.

Word of Mouth website >

 Danielle Bentley

danielle-bentleyKnot Like That

I basically cut up unloved comics, manga and books and turn them into something amazing.
Taking unwanted and damage comics, manga, and books that would be lost in sheds and garages and giving them a new lease on life, by smothering many different products which includes; coasters, trinket boxes and clocks. I also make paper flowers which I must admit are my favourite things to make, I can spend hours watching Netflix and making these gorgeous flowers.

Knot Like That on Facebook >

 Colin Lyall

colin-lyallArtist & Co-Owner of Lyalls Book Shop

Fine art pencil drawings with calligraphic / symbol content.
My work draws from a wide range of visual influences including: urban calligraphy, primitive symbols, street graffiti, lost languages, sci-fi nostalgia and the colloquial language of the fairground seaside graphic. I try to explore and express the bombardment of conflicting visual iconography and emotive symbols cognisant in all our daily lives. I believe that the drawings I produce reflect the diversity and quantity of visual information, that each of us has to process every day.

Lyalls Book Shop >