2019 Cosplay & Parade

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wanted cosplayers for parade in Todmorden for Scribblecon and Carnival


[Scribblecon is an annual all-ages, independent comic con in Todmorden that’s free to attend. Now in its fourth year!]

This year, as Scribblecon coincides with Todmorden Carnival on May 25th 2019, we’ve decided to take part in the parade! It’s happening already… so why not join in and show off all the awesome costumes, eh?

There’s no cost to take part… just let us know you’re coming so we know to expect you. If you’re on facebook messenger, we’ll add you to a group chat so you can be up to date with the exact meeting time and place.

The parade starts at 12:30, participants must be at the starting point by 12:15, and we will be meeting at the Golden Lion prior to going there.

The parade route itself is 1.4km (0.9 miles) long, all on main roads (closed to traffic), and runs through the centre of Todmorden from Halifax Road (near Lidl), right at the roundabout, past the market and then onto Centre Vale park where there’s a big carnival. It’s always well attended, and an annual highlight of the local area.

Some of us will also be collecting for Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice from the public, as we go along. And of course giving out flyers to Scribblecon (which is also is the centre of Tod, and where you’re welcome to base yourself from).

Do it! Get your friends together and come parade! Get in touch and we’ll let you know where to meet, and also answer any questions about our Comic Con.



PLEASE NOTE: Because we’re leaving it free to dress up as we wish (and not in the theme for this year, which is ‘Horrible Histories’), we aren’t part of the teams being judged for best costumes during the parade. If you DO want to take part in the Horrible Histories competition, you will need to enter yourself as an individual entry. You can do so on the Todmorden Carnival website: https://www.todmordencarnival.com/entry-forms

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