Applying for Thought Bubble!

UPDATE! We WILL be going to Thought Bubble!

We were also delighted to hear that local comic artist Rachael Smith is also going, but then that didn’t come as a surprise 🙂

Do come and say hi!

So! A few of us are applying for a couple of tables at this year’s Thought Bubble comic art festival in Leeds. While Chris Browning has exhibited there twice before, it’s all shiny and new for the rest of us. Fun challenge #1 Put our respective works onto a few pieces of A4.

Note: You can also find all of these pages in one combined PDF.

Cat Byrne (Artist/creator)

Links: Cat Byrne’s website
Mizzle: Mizzle’s website | Read all the episodes on Tapastic (all audiences)
Out of Hours Comics: Tumblr blog
| Read episode 1 (contains violence; mature readers only)
Cat Byrne page 1

Cat Byrne page 2

Chris Browning / The Common Swings (Artist/creator)

Website: The Common Swings
Read some zines: History of the Hadron | The Common Swings, issue 1 | I Evade Fish

Chris Browning page 1




Tom Burleigh (Indie writer)

Links: The Troubles of Magnet Boy website
Read: Pre-release version, on issuu | Fan made comic version on Tapastic

Tom Burleigh page 1

Tom Burleigh page 2

Note: You can also find all of these pages in one combined PDF.



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