Meet the artists of Scribblecon 2019!


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Kelly Angel

Darwen, Lancashire

Drawer of many cats and dogs, as well as unusual animals (occasionally they are buff). Have been making comics for the internet since 2009 – a mix of humorous / weird strips as well as autobiographical life snippets.

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Stuart & Callum Brown / The Wildlands

Hebden Bridge


The Wildlands. A new anthropomorphic world where Vikings rule the North, Cowboys; the west, Samurai; the east, different tribes encompassing the South, and Pirates roaming all the seas. Each Volume will take you on a new adventure with a new lead character, and through their story you will discover what life is like in each corner of this wild world. Follow our heroes as they fight for survival and against a new mysterious threat emerging, a small island castle, known only as ‘The Cage.’

“Writing wise, The Wildlands is, in short, awesome. Art wise it’s just an utter delight to look at. This story will make you FEEL.”
– Niche: Treat Your Geek Magazine

“The artwork is so pretty it makes me want to cry. Seriously, the amount of detail and the skilled colouring is awe-inspiring. This is a visual comic, to the point where it could read like a beautifully illustrated picture book. Thankfully, the characters and their words are just as enticing as the artwork itself.”
– A Place To Hang Your Cape

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Chris Browning / The Common Swings


Chris Browning has been a librarian, lecturer, not very good double glazing salesman and freelance-free-gifts-from-packets-of-crisps duster. Mostly he has been a hairy bloke with two cats and too many ideas, many of which he has poured into issues of the Common Swings.

The Common Swings has, over the last seven years, considered cats, jazz, PE teachers, balls, rude birds, villains and much, much more. He draws pictures and writes words, and sometimes both at once.

He has two cats, Cluedo and Spooky, who try to stop his artistic endeavours as often as possible by sitting in the middle of them and a wife who supports him as long as he lets her watch “Judge Judy” in peace.

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Tom Burleigh

Hebden Bridge

Tom Burleigh is a writer of comics, short stories and story poems. His works includes The Troubles of Magnet Boy and Other Gloomy Tales, Reluctance, The Window, The Graverobber and Nancy.

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Cat Byrne


Cat Byrne is a freelance artist and designer based in Todmorden. She is the creator of the comic Mizzle (about a mutant cat with an overactive imagination but not the best of luck), and Conversations With Myselves (a book promoting mental health and self-acceptance). She has recently been published in Splank with her new comic The Life of Ethel Death, about a young eccentric grim reaper in training.

Last Christmas she started a line of greeting cards combining TV and Film references with neo-traditional tattoo art, which she named ‘Scrotes’ (Scroll/Quotes). Strangely she still has loads unsold.

She will be doing commissions on the day.

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Alfie Gallagher

Thornton, Bradford

Alfie is an illustrator, comic artist and creative. He has had comic material published through Aces Weekly, FutureQuake publishing and also his own self-published material ‘Charlatan Tales’ amongst others. He has also been involved with successful Kickstarter campaigns ‘Debris’, ‘Latin Drawn & Quartered’ and ‘EIR’.

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Jason Garrattley


Birmingham based designer with a sideline in pop culture illustration.

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Ben Haith


Ben Haith hyphen Bedford is a Leeds based indie comic artist and illustrator with a penchant for fun all-ages stories about monsters and magic and Yorkshire speaking aliens.

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Adam Ianbarry & SMT

North West UK

Adam Ianbarry: All ages Time Travel webcomic = a work in progress. It’s moved on since ScribbleCon 2018… will ScribbleCon 2019 see the KickStarter campaign kick into action? Time will tell…!

SMT: Awesome art from the junior powerhouse!

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Becky Kidner


I have an ongoing ‘Diary Drawings’ project, whereby I have been documenting every day in drawings since September 2007. The content of the drawings range from movies & TV shows I’ve watched, to places I’ve visited, eaten at and also a lot of logos and visual motifs that we see around us every day. Though the drawings are a record of my life by nature, I think there is enough content in the drawings for an audience to recognise, respond and relate to. I have not been making the zines right from the start of my project, but I’ve been doing the zines for about 5-6 years now and am on the cusp of hitting issue #100!

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James A Lawrence


Artist /Illustrator selling original work, prints, coasters, fridge magnets and keyrings.


Colin Lyall


Lives and works in Todmorden. Studied Fine Art at Newport College of Art. Residency at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Summer 2017 ‘Altered States’ solo show at Water Street Gallery in Todmorden.

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Mew-Ville is run by artist Mewa-Chu, an anime artist who focuses on drawing cute characters and hopes to draw more manga styled comic books.

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Obscure Film



Don’t think you can draw? Think again!
Scribblecon regular Sammy returns with a portrait workshop this year– ongoing all day, drop in and drop out, stay for five minutes or an hour as long as you create a portrait!
Materials will be provided, suitable for any age.

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Johanna Öst


Artist, illustrator and maker of everything from comics to dolls and wearable accessories. Originally from Dalecarlia, Sweden but now settled in Todmorden. Some of my main inspirations are folklore, mythology, fairytales and horror. I love the exciting, mysterious, glamorous and over the top.

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Penny Blood Press

Stretford/Old Trafford

Letterpress and linocuts (printed on a 1950s Adana 8×5 printing press); hand stitched pamphlets in muted colours; tiny photocopied zines; misfortunes and other assorted ephemera.


Pixiebiscuit / Vanessa Guy

I illustrate digital and real, i make stuff I live between a world of nightmares and dreams, neon pink and black with more black, I like dark, pop, goth, fairy, kawaii, cats comics witchcraft dolls long term amateur who can’t punctuate

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Russell Payne


Russell Payne is a Lancashire-based writer and artist. Author of the BBC weblog and novel “Morris Telford’s Salopian Odyssey” & co-founder of Tiny Lapel Studios. His screenwriting credits include movies with Clint Eastwood and Happy Madison. He is currently working on a Young Adult novel and as a volunteer for the Jack Kirby museum and the “UK Ambassador for Jack Kirby” giving talks on the King of Comics Jack Kirby at UK Comiccons.

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Pondwater press


Comic art and self-publishing as part of a wider socially art practice that involves sculpture, printmaking, writing and moving image. I take inspiration from the bleak and bold house style of 2000ad during the 80s and its neurotic attention to detail pasted together with a dogged DIY ethos.

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Ragdoll Illustration


Ginny Ratcliffe is an independent illustrator and poet based in Todmorden. Her general rule of thumb in to fling ink at things and then draw eyes on and see what happens.

She could go into detail about socio-economic factors in her work (i.e. dread monsters lurking over towns and cities, etc etc) but mainly, she just enjoys drawing huge potato things with faces. She would also totally have sock puppets running her stall if it was acceptable*. She has exhibited at Scribblecon once before and enjoyed it immensely.

Note from Scribblecon: Sock puppets are acceptable.

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Brierfield, Lancashire

Some mothers turn to gin, some hoard Zoflora , some file their lives with bullet journals and Ikea Kallax. I knit angrily, draw heartfelt odes to yarn and paint ridiculous animals.

I sell original watercolour paintings as well as handmade stickers, badges, postcards and colouring books.

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SamsToons is a cartoonist covering the conventional superheroes and pop culture to the unconventional Murder, She Wrote and Bruce Forsyth. SamsToons’ passion projects include a continuing series of Socially Relevant Pin-Ups, 50s-style pin-up with an eye to diversity, and a series of cut-out-and-dress-up dolls. SamsToons will be offering a selection of products including prints, badges and on-the-day commissions.

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Schnumn is a freelance digital illustrator and comic artist. She loves drawing characters and telling stories and has a love for all things cute. She grew up on a large farm in Burnley and as a result, loves to draw sheep and plants. She is also interested in crafting striking colour palettes and has a fondness for pastel colours.

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Specialist Autism Services


As an organisation we have attended comic festivals to expand our members’ experiences, as well as providing an opportunity for the sale and display of hugely impressive works of art and a running series of comics.
Scribblecon note: Specialist Autism Services will be in the upstairs room, to which there isn’t accessible access due to there being a set of stairs. If you wish to meet with them downstairs (which is accessible), this can be arranged! Please let us know on the day, or contact Specialist Autism Services ahead of time.

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